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Kylie and Dan have gone through Ph.D. coursework in English and want a new way to talk about books. Kylie specializes in post-1900 American fiction, and Dan in pre-1900--but you don't really care about our dissertations, and we don't blame you. We have two chatty cats whose screams we desperately edit out of our recordings. 

Twitter scares us, so we're not on it. But you can follow us on Instagram @thenewlyreads or tell us what you think about our show at

The NewlyReads is a podcast about the people we love and the books that come with them. Every episode, we discuss a book that one of us loves and one of us is reading for the first time. Through impassioned discussion of the book's plot and context, we decide whether it makes the Shelf of Honor or the Shelf of Shame in our merging library.

We think that it's just as fun to talk about the canon of literary classics as it is to talk about YA fiction or sci-fi thrillers or the least well-regarded novel that a Great Writer ever wrote. Given our podcast's loose and subjective selection criteria, expect us to cover all that and more. Listen for detailed, irreverent discussion informed by too many years of postgraduate English coursework. 

New episodes come out every Saturday. Find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or any other major platform. 

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