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Questions we frequently imagine being asked...

Do I need to read the book to understand the episode? 

Nope! We will absolutely spoil everything about the book's plot, but if that doesn't bother you, jump in! By the time we're done arguing about a book for more than an hour, maybe it'll feel like you've read it!

How do you pick what books you'll discuss? 

We alternate choosing books. The only criteria is that the chooser feels strongly about it, and that the other person has never read it. With this very loose conceit, we get to share all kinds of books with each other--and you!

What book are you reading for the next episode? 

The book we're reading next is announced here and in the last few minutes of every episode.

When do new episodes come out? 

Every Saturday morning. Episodes alternate between traditional long discussions of the novels and, starting in February 2021, shorter companion episodes that delve into each chosen author's style. Start your weekend off right by listening to us rave about the weird novels we love!

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